Derecho Studios launches new mobile game app, Santa Rush Delivery, just in time for the Christmas holiday season. In this game players are able to play as Santa, delivering Christmas gifts and cheer to all children. This gaming app is available today on Andriodâ„¢ phones and tablets on the Google PlayStoreâ„¢.

Derecho Studios is happy to announce that Santa Rush Delivery is now available today. Players will be able to download the app in the Google Playstoreâ„¢. The level excitement is definitely upbeat for Derecho Studios today as this is the first mobile app that is being launched to devices such as tablets and Smartphone's. Join the fun seasonal game this year by getting the mobile game here.

While other games which are similar can be found, Santa Rush Delivery offers some great new ideas and a merry seasonal twist. This side scrolling runner game is not just about dodging obstacles and getting the high score. Though it is recommended. Minding the gaps and the skies above is crucial for the player to succeed. Players have to focus on quite a few areas to ensure that Christmas will be saved this year. The new mobile game is quite exciting, and fun experience for young players as well as for older players.

Santa Rush Delivery is the new game all about the player saving Christmas this year. Play as Santa Claus and delivery Christmas presents to all the good children. Along the running journey, players will be able to collect candy canes which provide the player with a score for the run. While playing the game, the player will come across Christmas gifts which have to be collected to be delivered to the good children. When these gifts are collected, the player has a chance at the end of the run to be rewarded with their own Christmas gift in game.

The candy canes collected through the run can be used to purchase upgrades for their Santa Claus. There are quite a few pieces to upgrade; gloves, hats, jackets, and boots. The gloves and boots are items which offer the player increased magical abilities. Such as the grabby gloves which allow for increased collection of candy canes along the run. The boots offer the player a unique way to save Christmas, extra jumpy boots, and even a way to avoid being electrocuted. The jackets and hats offer a new cosmetic look. Customize your Santa Claus to be unique. There are plans in the future to add more gear and special magical items.

The perfect game for the holiday season this year. Join Santa Claus in Santa Rush Delivery, and be the hero who saves Christmas. The game is a cheerful way to play some games, along with some laughs. The challenge is out there, answer the call starting today.

Derecho Studios is about creating a fun gaming environment for all gamers. For more information about Derecho Studios, please visit our website.

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