Cordova, US; 24, August 2015: Featured and discussed in women’s press conference today, Derma Scoop Skin Care is one of the most remarkable skin care solutions that has been advertised in famous media and magazines. It is highly recommended by skincare experts due its intense age-fighting formula yet is it clinically-proven safe and a natural way of redefining skin from being damaged and aging to a wrinkle-free, smoother and youthful skin condition.

Impressive facts and features:

Derma Scoop anti-aging formula offers a lot of phenomenal skin benefits, the natural and safer way, without having to intervene or encounter the invasion and pain that are caused by injections, lasers and high-causing risk and too costly cosmetic surgery.

Packed with advanced anti-wrinkle solution and the delightfulness of natural ingredients, Derma Scoop Skin Care is formulated to intensively fight typical signs of aging in the skin such as fine lines, wrinkles, age or sun spots, sagging skin and under-eye imperfections. It is scientifically-proven safe, gentle and hypoallergenic, denoting that it will not trigger any forms of side-effects in the skin, and is absolutely excellent to work on all types of skin.

Being an exceptional age-defying treatment, without the invasive measures and spending for high-end, costly cosmetic operations, Derma Scoop Skin Care is capable to provide the following outstanding benefits;

* Clears out fine lines and wrinkles
* Powerful antioxidant agent
* Lifts, firms and tightens the skin
* Brightens under-dark eye circles
* Eliminates under-eye puffiness
* Plumps and smooth the skin
* Provides 24 hour skin hydration

Availability of the product -- Derma Scoop Skin Care can be ordered through an “internet-exclusive” deal type. Which means, this skin care product is not available at any leading stores, supermarkets or beauty shops. Placing purchases can only be done through online purchasing in its official website or exclusively in its authorized websites that are promoting the product.

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