California, USA; 14, August 2015: Tired of figuring out which skin care product suits best? Choose the one that boosts up natural collagen in the skin, DermaGen Super Collagen Cream has the capacity to reveal honest profound results when it comes to treating aging and damaged skin best!

DermaGen Super Collagen Cream incorporates extensive age-fighting elements that are scientifically examined and proven super efficient in helping the skin fix aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, sun spots and under-eye blemishes and imperfections. It is absolutely injection-free, laser-free and hassle-free skin treatment that pampers the skin naturally with dynamic repair, rejuvenation and renewal.

* Reduction of wrinkle depth
* Decreased under-eye blemishes and other imperfections
* Enhanced skin’s moisture level
* Developed skin’s texture
* Skin firmness and elasticity are more improved
* Shield skin from free radicals and sun damaged

Versus the other leading brands of anti-aging creams, DermaGen is guaranteed safe, gentle and hypoallergenic without causing the skin with any forms of side-effects such as being dull and dry, cracking or peeling, itching, irritations and more allergic reactions that eventually lead to damaging the skin texture or overall appearance.

Active key ingredients:

* DuPont Glypure - develops skin elasticity and firmness
* Regu-Age - decreases under-eye imperfections (dark circles and eye bags)
* Syn-Coll - increases collagen production


DermaGen Super Collagen Cream is not available at any leading beauty shops or local store but orders can only be made successful when done in its official website, being an “online-exclusive” deal type product.

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