A lot of women all over the world would love to own a Louis Vuitton handbag. LV bags are considered top-of-the-line when it comes to ladies' purses, and fans wait for each new model with excitement and anticipation. One of the most popular bags from LV at present is the Louis Vuitton Artsy . Designer Outlet Sale has come up with a list of merits this unconventional bag possesses.

1. It is simple. The Louis Vuitton Artsy is a bag with the simplest design elements. It has a semi-structured body and an interestingly-detailed handle, with the thickness of the handle contrasting with the sophisticated slouch that the bag's body has. This kind of simplicity only works on very well-crafted pieces, since it takes a flawless shape and precise line to pull it off successfully.

2. It is made of good material. The Artsy is made of coated canvas in the classic monogram pattern and carries creamy vachetta leather trim. This means that the Artsy is pretty easy to care for. The Artsy can get wet in the rain or sustain splashes from a coffee cup or a glass of juice ¨C all it takes is a couple of baby wipes to remove the mess, and the canvas is as good as new. Meanwhile, the vachetta leather trim on LV bags ages gracefully, darkening and acquiring a honey-colored patina over the years.

3. It has all the essential features. What does a girl need in a bag? Some ladies like bags with a lot of features, but Spartan design is often more versatile and suits many more ladies. The Artsy has a few key conveniences such as studs on the bottom to protect the material from scuffs and scratches. It has also a magnetic closure that allows the bag to shut while retaining the chic slouch. The sturdy handle also allows the bag to be carried either on the arm or in the hand. Finally, the Artsy also carries a dangling key holder and a pocket to hold a cell phone.

4. It has an unusual appearance. When a woman spends a lot of money on a handbag, then it is nice if that bag is a memorable one. The Artsy is considered one of the most attractive recent releases from LV, perfectly in keeping with today's penchant for individuality and artistic elements and detailing. The Artsy is a great bag to carry with a simple outfit to give it that air of effortless chic. The Artsy will create a hip look with a printed jacket or interesting capelet and a pair of jeans. On the other hand, it can also be carried to "ground" an already eccentric ensemble such as a fitted maxi dress and a fun scarf.

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