In a bid to clear doubts regarding which is the better option between vaping and smoking, the online digital healthcare platform HelloMD has recently unveiled a series of responses explaining a clear demarcation of the two different kinds of smoking. As per the information available on the website, a video has also been posted along with the explanations on the differences.


The spokesperson of HelloMD commented, “Smoking is an age-old habit which everyone knows and still practice today. Vaping on the other hand, is a fairly new idea and practice but it has managed to attract quite a lot of attention in recent years. There are many people who are unable to properly distinguish between the two and we hope to provide the best explanations to such people. Our experts have contributed their fair share of ideas and thoughts on vaping versus smoking and which can be better.”


He also later revealed that people who are into the smoking habit can find the article or the information to be very helpful for many reasons. He added, “Through the information shared smokers will be able to learn the effects of the traditional way of smoking as well as of vaping. But I would rather choose vaping since it is the modern way of smoking besides being beneficial in varied aspects.”


Various researches have found out that vaping can be considered to be safe and less harmful to the body system. Vaping requires the use of an e-liquid and today there are a lot of companies that produces and sells differently flavored liquids for vaporizers.


The vaping industry and the community of vapers is being forecasted to grow at a rapid pace since it has been proven to be safer for the lungs as opposed to the normal smoking which creates several complicated issues.     For more details please go to


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