Los Angeles, California — There are several ways to pass a drug test, but many of them involve ingesting possibly harmful chemicals or using uncomfortable devices. Detox Clear makes passing drug tests much simpler. Detox Clear’s products, located at Detox Clear , allow users to protect their privacy from the government, their employers and insurance companies.

In today’s world, privacy protection is important. While the purpose of a drug screen is supposed to be to identify dangerous individuals, random drug testing has become prevalent and is used as a method of profiling individuals. A “random test” may not be as random as it seems. With the products offered by Detox Clear, located on the web at http://www.detoxclear.com/category-s/1822.htm , individuals can protect their privacy from an invasive THC drug test or other urine drug tests that could infringe on individual rights and target those whose personal life does not involve their work hours.

It would be nice to think that drug tests only target the “bad guys,” but unfortunately that is not the case. Many employers, insurance companies and government agencies use drug testing as a tool to profile and target various individuals who are not causing problems for their employers or anyone else. These people may find themselves in hot water over the results of a drug test even if their record is clean.

What people do off the clock is not really the business of the boss, the government or an insurance company. Those who use certain medications, for example, should not have to explain why they are taking these medications with their doctor’s approval. However, when they are subjected to a random urine test, they may be asked to do just that. With the help of Detox Clear, located on the web at http://www.detoxclear.com/synthetic-urine-p/quickfixplus.htm , these people can avoid embarrassing questions and problems related to their private lives and protect their right to privacy.

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Detox Clear is a website that offers a variety of products designed to help individuals pass drug tests and protect their privacy from employers, insurance companies and others who might misuse the results of a drug test.

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