Los Angeles, CA — Detox Clear has introduced new detoxifying products that are more than simply ways to pass a drug test . While many consumers have inquired about drinks that can help them pass a drug screen or random drug testing at work, Detox Clear has introduced detox drinks that can help anyone clear the system of a variety of toxins quickly, safely, and easily.

In response to consumer requests, Detox Clear introduced these new detoxifying drinks to clean toxins and increase consumer health. Because health issues have become so dominant in society, Detox Clear wanted to be able to offer its customers an opportunity to increase their health and wellness safely and naturally. Now, consumers are able to simply drink a natural drink to improve their health and clean their system.

A popular concept among people trying to pass employee drug testing , Detox Clear’s new detoxifying drinks were created to provide a healthy way for users to remove dangerous impurities from the blood. Detox Clear’s new detoxifying drinks will include:

- High Voltage. With its great Blue Berry flavor, High Voltage is a special formulation of B vitamins, creatine and nutrients designed to remove unwanted toxins from the body. High Voltage begins working within 30 minutes to remove toxins from the bloodstream.

- Magnum Detox. Magnum Detox drink begins providing detox benefits within one hour and cleanses the body quickly of impurities and toxins. Magnum Detox is especially useful for cleansing chemical buildup in the blood and urine.

- High Voltage Double Flush. Combining the effectiveness of the High Voltage liquid formula with the added impact of a capsule, the Double Flush system is highly effective at flushing the body of toxins.

Detox Clear understands that every day, toxins build up in the blood and urine that can have a negative impact on the body. Trace metals and other impurities can cause damage to the tissues and organs and can lead, over time, to fatigue, disease and other problems. Detox Clear’s detoxifying drinks and capsules were created to help users cleanse their bodies of all impurities so that they can feel better and stay healthier.

Detox Clear’s new product line will offer a wide range of detoxification products that are guaranteed to work quickly and clear the body, blood and urine of impurities. With the help of Detox Clear’s maximum-strength detoxification liquids and capsules, users can quickly flush unwanted impurities from the system and enjoy better energy, less fatigue and “fogginess,” and even more muscle strength and stamina. Consumers eager to clean their system of impurities are encouraged to log onto Detox Clear’s website today to check out this new line of detoxifying drinks.

About Detox Clear:

Detox Clear markets detoxification remedies that may increase the probability of passing urine drug testing. Many clients seek a way to pass a drug test for marijuana or other intoxicants, and are concerned with passing drug tests for work. While Detox Clear cannot guarantee the results of marijuana drug testing, detoxification drinks have been shown to give cleaner results for urine drug tests than those obtained without detox drinks.

For More Information: www.detoxclear.com