With his games being the memory of many people, Satoru Iwata passed away and left another great loss in the game history. His games all follow a rule of being “simple yet joyful” and many of them have been great successes. Airwheel is also an enterprise which pursues the “simple” rule, with which it has provided consumers with ellewiith many simple yet great products, like Airwheel A3 sitting-posture scooters.

Simple design ideas of Airwheel A3. The design ideas of Airwheel A3 is simple because Airwheel only pursues the user-oriented philosophy so Airwheel A3 sitting-posture intelligent scooters are powerful, efficient and convenient transport vehicles. Airwheel adopts the top-quality modules in producing Airwheel A3. So Airwheel A3 intelligent scooters are durable and light. The control styles of the Airwheel A3 are simple because of the built-in operating system. Users just need to move their body gravity centre slightly towards the direction their want to go, then Airwheel A3 will move out immediately. Also the twin-wheels of Airwheel A3 are very stable, so it’s very simple to learn to ride Airwheel A3 sitting-posture scooters.

Simple ideas for improving Airwheel A3 electric scooters. The improvements of Airwheel A3 also come from simple yet innovative ideas—to offer riders more comfort. The genuine V-shaped seat makes the riding experience more comfortable and the long-distance travel possible. Airwheel adopts the hydraulic suspension system which is also adopted in professional scrambling motorbikes, and riders’ sitting posture will be well fitted by the seat. The innovative electronic brake system makes the brake simple and elegant. And most importantly, Airwheel developed the exclusive smart phone APP for the Airwheel A3 sitting-posture scooters. Many functions are united in one and the controls of Airwheel A3 become simpler.

The idea of “simple yet great” products make Airwheel the industry leader today. Airwheel will continue to provide consumers with simple yet great intelligent scooters.

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