Holidaymakers who fell in love with Devon during their stay at a Classic Cottages property in the region may have their interest sparked by a recent home-buying guide released by a property agency. 

The guide, which advises potential customers on the best areas to buy classic cottages in Devon, was devised by an upmarket luxury property agency and is aimed at an affluent, upper-middle-class demographic. The properties contained within are all tastefully appointed and most will sleep upwards of five people, making this guide perfect for families wanting to buy homes in Devon. 

One sound piece of advice contained in this document pertains to the method of taking one’s interests into account when choosing where in Devon to buy real estate. The article advises surf enthusiasts to head to the north coast of the county, while sailing aficionados should choose locations such as Salcombe and Dartmouth, where the waters are stiller and more appropriate for this activity. Retired couples are advised to head to East Devon, while the centre of the county is deemed perfect for fans of country pursuits, with its moors and opportunities for hunting. 

The piece goes on to advise potential buyers to stray away from cities when looking for homes or classic cottages. According to specialists interviewed for this guide, the countryside offers better value for money, as well as more attractive landscapes and a higher degree of privacy. Devon’s commuting links are also sufficiently good to avoid the necessity of being in the centre of the city and the region provides easy access to neighbouring Cornwall, as well as Central London. 

Potential buyers of Devon homes or classic cottages can also rest assured that their children will have a proper education, the article goes on to point out. Most towns in the region are deemed to have good-standard schools, and Exeter is particularly lauded for its abundance of quality private schools. 

The article concludes by stating that house prices in the region have been going down and urges potential buyers to keep a lookout for bargains, especially for properties valued at £1 million and over. 

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