October 24th 2013; London, UK: Renowned jewellery company Dhillon Prestige announced today that they have the rights to sell the rare Pink Argyle Diamond. Reserves of the stone are quickly disappearing and it is expected that the source of the unique diamond will be exhausted by 2020. 

Since 1985, Rio Tinto has appointed only 8 authorised partners to sell the Pink Argyle diamonds, and Dhillon Prestige has an exclusive relationship with a supplier that works with one of these. This arrangement will allow Dhillon Prestige to avoid the problem of the Diamond passing through ‘many hands’, a common occurrence with modern Diamond sales. 

“This is a fantastic achievement for Dhillon Prestige; this agreement clearly showcases the reach of this company and our intention to source the rarest stones available for our clients. We take great pride in knowing that our supplier is directly connected to one of just eight authorised partners that is licensed to receive Argyle Diamonds directly from the Rio Tinto Group”, says Rav Dhillon, owner of Dhillon Prestige. 

A high quality investment 

The Argyle mine, run by prominent mining company Rio Tinto, has been open since 1985. The Pink Argyle represents less than one tenth of 1% of the diamonds that are mined there. Recently, demand for the unique stone has far outstripped supply, and Rio Tinto have responded by opening an underground mine operation, as of April this year. This operation is expected to run until 2020, when it is anticipated that the source will finally run out. With the new operation, it is expected that the supply will spike a little. The Pink Argyle Diamond is valued primarily for its rarity, with the more intensely coloured stones demanding the highest prices. It is for this reason that the stone is considered to be a high quality investment by industry analysts, with a growing interest in Asian markets, especially in China. 

Dhillon Prestige is an established and respected supplier of investment quality Diamonds and precious stones. Based in London and Antwerp, it has over 100 years of combined experience in creating investment portfolio opportunities for high net-worth individuals. 

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