AgenomBio is usually a noted manufacturer, distributor of ELISA kits, proteins, peptides and antibody cDNA products. Agenombio provides general and special Enzyme Linked Immuno sorbent Assay (ELISA) & Chemiluminescence Immunoassay(CLIA), including Bovine/Cattle, Canine/Dog , Caprine/Goat, Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Porcine, Guinea pig, Gallus/Chicken, Zebrafish, Equine/Horse, Rhesus monkey/Simian, Spinach, Ovine/Sheep ELISA Kits, CLIA kits, antibody and protein standard. Your organization's research capabilities may be significantly enhanced because of the using of products on the team at AgenomBio. Take a look or contact us and find why pharmaceutical organizations from world wide at the moment are partnering with AgenomBio .

Agenombio was founded in the San Diego, an area rich with biological technology companies and close to the University of California San Diego campus. Right now, Agenombio has established its regional headquarters in TX, USA and Shanghai, CN. Agenombio has a team of talented and motivated scientists and marketing experts. Our main business scope is building up the immune detection reagents to cover the whole genome of different animals by developing our research, manufacture, brand promotion and marketing.

Immunological detection technology has efficient speed, low cost, high sensitivity and selectivity in research and diagnostic area. Agenombio can provide reliable ELISA products and technical to cover most targeted protein and analyte in cell lysate, blood, tissue and other liquid samples.

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