Lansdale, Pennsylvania; 10, October 2016: People always find it hard to say goodbye to their loved ones when they pass away. They worry that the memories will be forgotten, but now there is a way for them to live forever. DNA 2 Diamonds has come up with a beautiful way to ensure that loved ones are remembered for a lifetime. They offer the service of transforming cremated ashes into a beautiful and stunning a piece of jewelry.

They say diamonds last forever and now so can the remains of those lost. DNA 2 Diamonds believe a tragic passing can be transformed into something beautiful, a fitting memorial to those who have passed on.

A Selection Of Stunning Jewelry To Choose From

DNA 2 Diamonds customers are able to choose how they want the ashes of their loved one’s preserved. The diamonds can be fitted into cufflinks, rings, necklaces, pendants or earrings. Both men and women’s jewelry options are available to suit all needs. With the cremated ashes transformed, customers are able to keep a part of their loved one with them at all times. Every time customers see this unique piece of jewelry, they will smile at the thought of the one dear to them.

Grief In All Different Shapes And Sizes know’s that grief comes in all different forms. Whether people are grieving a parent who has passed away or a beloved family pet, they should have the choice of preserving their memory. That’s why the company also offers the chance for pet ashes to be made into diamonds as well. They think it could be the perfect way for a child to remember their pet dog they lost too soon.

Innovative Technology

The business uses the latest technology to prepare the diamonds from the ashes of those who have passed on. The diamonds are created in a top secret lab, deep in Russia. Scientists use next level techniques to transform the remains into a beautiful jewel. Memories may fade but with the jewel, customers never have to let go of the one they loved.

Memorials Everyone Can Afford

Although the jewels are made to the same level of quality as the diamonds customers could purchase, in a store the price is lower. DNA 2 Diamonds believe that everyone should have a chance to remember those lost in this way. They have worked hard to make the cost affordable for as many people as possible.

About DNA 2 Diamonds:

DNA 2 Diamonds is a privately owned company that sells to customers around the world. Recently their unique preservation method has grown in popularity. Hundreds of new customers are now using their services. They pride themselves on offering something that stands apart from anything else on the market. There is nothing else quite like a DNA 2 Diamonds product.

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