Shenzhen, China; 08, December 2014: Shenzhen Dicore Technology Company announces to offer the complete range of heat shrinkable products for flexible and environment-friendly tubing requirements in various industries. Made of high quality materials like Silicon Rubber, Teflon, Polyolefin etc., the Heat Shrink Tubes exhibit a higher flame-retardant property for flameless and smokeless tubing. 

According to the company spokesperson, they have mastered the heat shrinkable product manufacturing technology to produce high quality and customized Heat Shrink Tubing products. The company maintains a ready stock of the tubing products to meet the industry demand. Moreover, they boast of producing heat shrinkable tubes as per the client specifications. The company establishes itself as a one-stop supplier of heat tubing products with a large manufacturing capacity and competitive pricing. 

Dicore Technology designs and develops a variety of products that are needed for Clear Heat Shrink Tubing. Their product range includes Solder Sleeve Wire Splices, Heat Shrink Cable End Cap, Heat Shrink Mini Cap, Heat Shrink Bus Bar Tubing and other such products. The spokesperson maintains that they have the complete range of products and clients won’t have to go anywhere to find any product for their heat tubing needs. 

According to him, all products are manufactured using precise engineering and products could ideal for the unique tubing needs in various sectors. A powerful technology team at Dicore Technology pays a great attention to research and develop new products that can be suitable for the modern industrial needs. With an abundant ready stock and a fast delivery mechanism, they can quickly meet the demand of a client organization, located anywhere in the world. 

The company provides quotes online for clients to learn about the cost of their unique tubing products procured from the company. With a cost-effective on-demand supply of custom products, Dicore Technology aims at fuelling the growth of the industries. For any kind of product requirements, one can check the availability of the products and also can request for a free quote by visiting the website 

About Shenzhen Dicore Technology Co., Ltd.: 

Dicore Technology is a professional supplier of various heat shrinkable products, including different kinds of Heat Shrinkable Tubing/Sleevings, Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes products etc. These products are made of materials like Polyolefin, Silicone Rubber, PTFE (Telfon), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Fluoroelastomer (Viton), etc. These products are widely used in the field of Energy, Electronics, Automotive, Communications, Military, and Building and shipbuilding to provide effective insulation and protection of the functional parts, components and systems. 

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