Improvements within the fields of restorative and cosmetic dentistry continue to take place every single year. This means patients that are struggling with any amount of serious damage or decay on their teeth now have a number of treatment options available to them so that they can once again smile with confidence. Included in these treatment choices are dental veneers, which are advanced appliances that can entirely transform a patient's smile for as much as 15 years or longer. Not all dental veneers are the same however, this is why all individuals that are considering this process should understand how this process is carried out, and the major differences between traditional dental veneers and Lumineers.

A number of habits or events during one's life can start to take a toll on the appearance of their teeth. Anything from an accident during a sporting event to a cup of coffee in the morning may result in chips, fractures, and discoloration. Even the prescription medications that one takes could result in deep intrinsic staining that cannot be lifted with chairside whitening procedures. In many of these cases, porcelain veneers will be the most effective options to restore one's smile.

A dentist will start the process of placing veneers in a patient's mouth by first checking the teeth and gums then taking very accurate measurements upper and lower teeth. These specifications will then be sent off to a manufacturer that will create the dental appliances custom for every single patient. During the first or second appointment, the dentist may need to make slight changes to the teeth or the gums to make room for the veneers. This could include the removal of a small amount of enamel from the tooth and the movement of the gums, often requiring shots and local anesthetics.

With Lumineers, some of these steps are now completely undue, and patients can restore their smile without permanent damage to the natural teeth or the use of shots. Lumineers are very similar to traditional dental veneers, but they are made with an extremely durable composite. This allows the Lumineer manufacturer to create dental veneers that are both thinner and stronger. When placing the Lumineers on the teeth, there will be no need to alter the mouth in any way and the procedure will be completely reversible.

New bonding agents and curing lights allow dental veneers to be held in place for up to 15 years or longer. Throughout this period, individuals will only need to carry out their basic oral hygiene habits such as daily brushing, flossing, and the use of mouth wash.

These dental appliances are just the start when it comes to some of the most effective and pain-free treatment options that are currently available to all individuals.

Torrance cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Mondavi provides many cosmetic dental treatments to improve the appearance of the teeth, including dental veneers, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.