One of the most difficult decisions that you need to make regarding improving your posterior region is deciding which of the available buttock augmentation procedures is going to offer you just the set of advantages that you require. You can decide to get butt implants, to have the surgeon remove fat from certain parts of your body and then inject it in your buttocks or opt for PMMA injections. Obviously, many people have tried all of these options in the past. So, when it comes to possible side effects, recovery time and benefits, there is enough information out there for you to take an informed decision. Due to the fact that you may have unwanted fat in certain areas, you might be inclined to get it sucked out and then injected back into your posterior region.

Is that the best possible solution for you? Well, if you were to invest in a buttock augmentation procedure that does not use implants and just reshape your butt while injecting your own fat in certain areas, you might feel a bit disappointed in the end. The truth is that unlike PMMA injections, the ones that use your own fat are not going to have the results that you are expecting. After the procedure, you will notice swelling, fact that might make you think that it worked and that your posterior area has been enhanced. Well, even though that might be true at this point, after some time the fat will be re-absorbed into the body and your buttocks will look the same way they used to before the actual procedure.

Investing in silicone implants is a good idea, but only if you do not mind everyone noticing that they are not looking at your real buttocks. The problem with these implants is the fact that they have edges and that they can not cover every single part of your butt. The areas that look unappealing can be filled with your own fat or with a mix of substances. Now, you should know that the aspect of your posterior is not the only problem. This is a rather invasive procedure that will have you deal with all sorts of side effects, including painful recovery time. After all that, your body might still reject the implants and the area might get infected.

This leaves us with a buttock augmentation procedure that is going to offer you the results that you are expecting in a really short time, without the need of a scalpel. We are talking about PMMA injections that will allow you to enjoy a truly enhanced and reshaped buttocks that will stay that way for months and even years to come. If you go to Colombia, you can opt for either of these procedures.

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