Tooth discoloration and staining is a serious problem that patients of all ages have to deal with every single day. Individuals that have stained teeth will often start to avoid smiling and interacting as much as possible. Alternatively, individuals that have a bright and vibrant smile that they are completely proud of will be able to enjoy a boost to their confidence unlike ever before. For patients that are ready for a transformed smile, it is important to understand some of the most common teeth whitening treatments as well as the causes of internal and external staining that takes place on the teeth.

It can be very difficult to keep teeth bright. Even individuals that brush, floss, and use mouth wash several times a day may find it nearly impossible to preserve the color and tone that they would like. This is because some of the foods that are eaten every single day and the habits that individuals carry out will affect the outer layer of the teeth. When it comes to foods and beverages, some of the worst offenders are berries, coffee, wine, and even teas. Even foods that are extremely healthy can affect the appearance of one's teeth if the individual is not careful.

Along with the staining that takes place on the outside of the teeth, some individuals must also deal with staining that occurs below the enamel and dentin layers of the teeth. This intrinsic staining is not as typical as external staining, but it can be just as devastating. Some of the primary causes for this discoloration include damage to the teeth, some medications, and even genetics. For these individuals, other options may be needed such as dental veneers and dental crowns.

Staining that takes place on the outside of the teeth is often treatable by a multitude of teeth whitening options. Many of the most typical treatments are a solution that is placed directly on the teeth. These solutions are often primarily comprised of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide, or a blend of these materials. Over time, these substances will release oxygen molecules that will draw out the stains and produce a brighter smile.

In some of the most advanced treatment options, a specialty lamp or laser is used in conjunction with the whitening solution. These lamps will help to activate the solution as quickly as possible, lowering the amount of time that the patient is required to undergo the treatment. Some will find that their teeth are as much as 8 shades brighter after a single treatment.

All those that would like to brighten their smile should carefully explore their options. Whitening treatments that are not carried out by a professional can lead to serious and permanent damage of the teeth that will take expensive procedures to rectify.

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