No matter how well you budget, it can be hard to stay one step away of life’s surprises. offers you the convenience of applying for short-term loans online so you can respond quickly and handle unexpected expenses. offers people the choice of applying online or calling 866-971-7538. Instead of leaving the comfort of their own home, they can easily fill out a form that’s submitted to a network of payday loan lenders.

Retail payday loans help consumers handle unexpected expenses like family emergencies or car repairs. These expenses threaten many consumers’ ability to pay bills like rent and utilities and buy food for their families.

Borrowing money from loved ones may endanger relationships. Not everyone has access to credit cards to handle life’s surprises. Payday loans provide consumers with extra cash until they can catch up the next time they get paid.

Payday loans offered from range between $100 and $1,000. Consumers apply by filling out an inquiry form on its website and waiting a few minutes while their inquiry is matched with a vast network of lenders.

Once the application is approved, the consumer is sent to a lender’s page and shown the terms of the loan including rates and fees. If they accept the terms, the funds are deposited to their bank account.

Most lenders require the following:

- Employment at your present job for at least 90 days.
- S. citizenship or permanent residency and over 18 years old.
- An income of about $1,000 a month after taxes are taken out.
- A checking account in the consumer’s name.
- Work and home phone numbers.
- A working email address. does not check consumers’ credit history. Lenders may ask for additional information such as a payday stub and proof of identification to be faxed. uses the most secure and advanced encryption technology to protect customers’ private data.

Repayment is automatic as the amount of the loan and fees are withdrawn automatically from a customer’s bank account when it is due. Whether a loan extension is an option depends on the policy of the lender and often the state in which the payday loan is made. was created to help consumers access needed money fast and conveniently. More information including its policy on responsible lending is available on its website at or by calling 866-971-7538.

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