Albany, N.Y. - Eshopping Discount has announced today that it's new innovative software allows customers to locate the lowest prices on millions of products worldwide.  Effective January 1st 2015 the reader can be taken directly to the interested item in seconds, helping them save money instantly.  We didn't want a customer comparison website, our CEO had a vision for leveraging the “SALE” of a item and listing it here immediately.

When people do a search for a product literally hundreds of listings come up, but how do they know if they are getting the best possible price?  Our team wanted to make this easier, taking the middle man out of the equation was a necessity.  The product selection process was not the issue, finding the lowest shopping price was.  We wanted to make the shopping experience a simple one, with no issues and no headaches.

Usually when you do a search you'll get redirected to other sites which often misrepresent the original product.  Bringing you directly to the item was our mission, and with simplicity.  Having a user friendly website was key, one that was simple to navigate through.

About Eshopping Discount
CEO Kathleen Simmons has a vision for the future.  With years behind her as a former executive for fortune 500 companies she is determined to change the system.  It's not the analysis of the company but how people see them, how they react to a price point.  Online customer service has failed people miserably, the mom and pop stores of yesteryear had a hands on approach that brought people back, and we are trying to do the same with Eshopping Discount.  Once a item is listed here, it stays forever.  If the company lists a sale for the product it's automatically on out website within seconds.  There's no need to search thousands of companies-making the process easy is our goal.

Charities (Giving Back)
A percentage of every sale is given to charities.  Giving back to the community is important to us, we deal with 30 charities on a daily basis.  So please recognize this-when you make a purchase here you will be helping someone in need.  Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald House and the Red Cross and the Wounded Warriors are just a few that we deal with.  It's about helping others in our local communities. Getting the lowest prices, great customer service and helping others-that's what we strive to do everyday.


Douglas Muraski
Eshopping Discount
Vice President Marketing and Public Relations.