With a history of approximately 200 years, rising from the Jura Mountains that Switzerland and France share, absinthe is, perhaps, one of the most controversial and highly praised alcoholic beverages. You must have heard some of the stupid myths related to it, yet we are not here to discuss them. We just want to show you why you should consider adding it to various drink recipes, no matter if you try the spirit at home or in a bar, when you go out in town.


To general knowledge, this beverage is made through distillation or cold mixing of different plants. Artemisia absinthium, the one that also seems to give its name, makes the base. Combined with sweet fennel, green anise and a wide range of herbs that we use for cooking, it can set the formula behind an incredibly strong spirit. For instance, did you know that this beverage contains anything in between 90 and 148 proof? It is so strong that one has to dilute it with water in order to truly enjoy it.


Unlike some other well-known brands, which benefit from specific production norms, this one enjoys a surprising freedom in terms of production. Consequently, alcohol producers label a wide range of drinks as absinthe, without following any given standards. The only ones who have been using particular drink recipes for making it are the Swiss, who only tolerate distillation. The final product should be green or colorless, even though artificial coloring is known to facilitate more or less surprising shades, including the reddish aspect.


Once upon a time — in its Parisian times of glory to be more specific, this spirit was called La Fee Verte. French artists were having their own ritual of serving it at five o’clock! Consequently, that time of the day was called the Green hour, a habit quite similar with the English five o’clock tea.  Serving it was not just a habit, but also an art promoted through time.


Today we can buy from specialized shops absinthe sets, spoons, glasses, carafes, brouilleurs, fountains and even special bowls for the sugar cubes. After all, the flavor and charm of drink recipes based on it reside in gently sipping the beverage after you add some sweetness to it. Pouring the Chinese drop of water on a sugar cube until it melts away and dilutes the spirit is essential. Perhaps this is why the special tinny fountains become so popular these days. With such a set, you can prepare the drink by the book, controlling how much water to pour in the glasses and filling up to four glasses in the same time.


Even so, you do not have to buy a special absinthe fountain in order to enjoy it, but rather to find the best place where you can enjoy this special drink. You might be surprised to discover that people consume it not just in its pure form, but also combined with orange juice, vodka, lemon juice, grenadine, red bull, cranberry juice, tonic water and many more!



Dry or sweetened with other juices, absinthe makes a stunning base for many drink recipes. Have you tried them?