China - Currently, the overall percentage of cigarette smokers has increased tremendously over a last few years. Smoking destroys the functioning of human body¡¯s immune system and results in the occurrence of numerous diseases. Shenzhen Cotan Technology Co., Ltd ( which is the Disposable E Cigarette Store offers an E-cigarette that has been introduced especially for chain smokers. People are said to get all the emotional and physical feeling from this electronic cigarette just like the traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette shop aims to improve the health of smokers with the tar free electronic cigarette concept.

The E Cigarette Accessories comprises nicotine, propylene glycol, water and a natural aroma which copies the flavor of tobacco. The cartridge refill electronic cigarette concept has already been established in different countries as it provides the liberty to smoke anywhere cost effectively. Electronic cigarette from has been recently covered by and new users can visit this website to read the featured article. Manufacturers guarantee that Black Electronic Cigarette does not contain any cancer causing agents, and it holds certifications like CE & ROHS. This luxury electronic cigarette has been developed with advanced technological support and hence it carries a number of security features.

The website says, ¡°Our pre-filled cartridge system permanently removes leakage issues, increases efficiency and sensations due to a new resistance built in each cartridge, you just have to screw the cartridge to the battery and smoke as you would do on a traditional cigarette.¡±

The emissions from this vaping Disposable E Cigarette are said to be evaporated within seconds into the air and therefore it does not create any harm to people around the smoker. In addition, the taste and feel of vapor e-cigarette are similar to the taste and feel of any traditional cigarette. Users can choose from a variety of flavors provided in the official website of this electronic cigarette shop. Each cartridge of this hygienic electronic cigarette is properly sterilized and toxicologically tested in order to ensure the health of customers. Apart from that, the utilization of micro-electronics technology provides users the feeling of real cigarette smoking without any flame. electronic and hygienic cigarette can be considered as an intelligent product offering all the sensations of real cigarettes in a safe and secure way. Each pack of this electronic cigarette is equivalent to about 150 traditional tobacco cigarettes. Therefore smokers can trust and use e-cigarettes without any fear of health problems.

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