Born Jeremiah, in Heidelberg Germany, Jhaos was destined for greatness. Jhaos became aware of his surroundings at an early age, and grew to love HipHop; in 1989 he migrated to Washington DC, USA and later moved to Forestville, Maryland. Although it was rough for an indie artist coming up in “P.G”, Jhaos proves himself to be dedicated and focused. Influenced by Biggie, 2pac, AZ, Nas, Big L and more he strives to produce classic music like these legendary artists.


On January 9th, 2013 Jhaos released an official music video for “Fluid”. The single and music video started buzzing in the DMV and Jhaos landed a distribution deal with Proteckted Record/Universal. Jhaos went on to release another music video for his debut single “Rewards”. In the single, Jhaos encourages his listeners to stay strong and never give up, no matter what happens.

Jhaos has a vision for the betterment of HipHop. He is not just another rapper who’s rapping about the money, the fame, the cars, the clothes, the females etc. Jhaos sets himself apart from the vanity, and delivers an uplifting message, in hopes of touching the lives of many in a positive way. Although it’s an uphill battle to attain the needed exposure, Jhaos embraces humility, and confidence.

Throughout the years, Coast to Coast shows has been an effective platform for Jhaos to showcase his talent. Performance is a relevant tool for an indie artist to get out there and showcase their talents. Jhaos takes advantage of each given opportunity to spread his message and expand his fanbase. One may listen to Jhaos music, videos, and stay in the loop at the following: