Sports is the best method to lose weight, there are so many kinds of sports can lose weight, maybe, you can not get a good effect if you persist a method for a long time, now, I would like to tell you a method, it will help you to practice muscle your hardly used.

Say lose weight to yourself everyday


“I will look more pretty if I am thinner”, “slimming figure will make myself more confident” “I can meet my MR. right is I am thinner”…you always give yourself more reasons to lose weight, and then, you can find the good benefits to lose weight, so, you will find you have more position to lose weight, of course, it will be easy for you to lose weight.

Of course, there is a factor to lose weight, no matte what you are doing, lack of power is not right, and you can not get success if you lack of it, the same with losing weight, so, what you think is an important key to lose weight.

Run backwards has a better effect to your hip

Run backwards, a kind of lose weight method which was original in 70s last century, it can help you move your leg, your crus and your hip, and according to the expert, it can promote the move of your heart.

According to the expert, you can just use 80% of your running speed, and then, you can get the same effect, no matter when you are young or old, you can do it also.

But, there is something you should follow.

The first one is to choose the board road, you know why; the second one is to practice with your partner, especially for the people who just begin to learn this.

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