Don’t be fooled by savvy real estate agents with their swirling text and glamour shot photos. A listing is just that, a listing, that simply sits on a Multiple Listing Service and waits for a consumer. Never ever pay a commission to have a luxury home listed; the homeowner can do this for a much lesser amount. Listing a luxury home on a MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a commodity and can be done in some instances for as little as $75.00.

Cape Coral, FL-July 22nd, 2015-Local Real Estate Agent, Premier Luxury Marketing Consultant, and Team leader of Florida Luxury Homes at Starlink Realty Inc. Keron C. Ramjattan, says do not list a luxury home with a real estate agent. A luxury home can be listed for just a fraction of what a real estate agent would charge in high commission.

Who is a luxury property being placed in front of, real buyers, or curious individuals? Realtors who have a firm grasp on “target marketing” will know who will buy a unique property.Target marketing is not for an average real estate agent. Many will try and convince a luxury homeowner that this is what they do, but simply ask them to show an example of a real clients target marketing campaign.

A highly respected real estate marketing guru whose expertise is in only the luxury market has indoctrinated Keron. Being named a Premier Luxury Marketing Consultant, Keron shows how he can pinpoint exactly who will purchase a particular property by spending money out of his own pocket buying lists of individuals who will be qualified to purchase such an estate.

Keron further explains how he can take a luxury property and find its amenities and unique qualities and then match them to individuals who live that particular lifestyle. He goes on to say that a person who has a passion for horses for instance will not need a luxury estate with a bowling alley or 8 car garage, it makes no sense marketing to that person. Target marketing finds only the buyers who enjoy that lifestyle and of course with a purchase of another list Keron and his team can also find out that persons net worth and income range, to further qualify them.

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