When it comes to selling a property most people look to a local high street estate agents Sheffield because this is how things have always been done, and lets face it selling your house is not something you do every day or even every year, so how are sellers supposed to know if there is a better way, a way which would save them thousands of pounds, well the traditional high street estate agent is certainly not going to tell them, why should they upset the (highly profitable) status quo. The internet has changed the property buying and selling landscape forever, its a fact that these days around 85% of buyers search online when looking to buy a property.

Gone are the days when buyers would walk from estate agents Sheffield shop to estate agents shop registering their requirements and hoping their friendly local agent would call them if a suitable property came up. These days its the buyers who are in control, the good old internet is open 24/7 so buyers can search all day everyday if necessary but the smart buyers just register once with property websites like Rightmove or Zoopla and guess what whenever a property is uploaded to these sites that match the requirements the registered buyer is automatically informed by email.

Given that 95% of estate agents Sheffield are on Rightmove & Zoopla this approach makes sense. What this means in real terms of course is that the estate agent is no longer the first port of call, in fact they are the last potential buyers now only contact the selling agent when they are ready to view. They have done the searching, they have made a shortlist, they have done the drive-by inspection and are ready to purchase subject to a viewing.

In the old days of property marketing potential buyers would view a property becuase that was the only way of really finding out enough about it, but these days the internet along with high quality photographs, 3D floorplans Video tours and audio descriptions means that buying decisions are being made at “online” at home. So sellers can expect less viewings but better quality viewers. So this begs the question.. how much does it cost to advertise a property on Rightmove and Zoopla and is there a credible alternative to the traditional high street estate agents Sheffield? Introducing Move & Save a professional estate agents for the 21st century.

Move & Save provide the benefits of using an estate agent but without the high commission costs, how? by disposing of their high street premesis and moving to a low cost out of town business park office. So sellers get the advantages of a professional high quality presentation, Rightmove and Zoopla advertising and help with offers and negotiations, but instead of pay several thousand pounds on completion sellers pay a one time up front fee of £299.00 + vat This is cheaper than using a traditional estate agents Sheffield and more effective than trying to sell privately.

No wonder that since Move & Save opened for business in 2004 they have sold thousands of properties and saved clients over 10 million pounds in commission Another quality aspect of the Move & Save service is the experienced people who provide the service. All the team have at least 10 years industry experience in the estate agency market and some have over 20 years.

We have both male and female valuers so if you have a preference this can help. We are also members of the National Association of Estate Agents and members of the Property Ombudsman Scheme. Our customers like the fact that our background is in traditional estate agency and we have taken the best parts from the traditional methods and combined them with today’s 21st century technology.

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