High end corporate gifts are for high end clients; it is just simple logic that a client that brings a business plenty of money deserves a thank you ever now and again. Some businesses will consider promotional deals and discounts; while these are very effective they can be much more expensive than a simple high end gift. Not to mention the ability to personally deliver a present will only strengthen the relationship between business and client. Many people feel that is important to have a business to depend on and so gifts are a way of showing that business is appreciated.

Telling a client that you are offering them a one or two percent discount will probably go over well, but it is something that will only be remembered when it comes to price compare. If a business has not taken the time to build a personal relationship with a client, then the client will just find the better deal and move onto a new company. By providing face to face meetings, lunches, and other luxury branded corporate gifts, a company will be able to make an impact on a client and be remembered as a business with real people, not just someone who drops off paper supplies.

Executive corporate gifts have to approach differently than the pile of pens that are given out at a trade show. A tradeshow pen is supposed to be eye catching, show off the company name and get it out there. A high end client is going to throw away a leather portfolio with a bright red and green company logo on the front; if the gift is a nice portfolio and just has a simple and small company name on it, then the client is more likely to keep it, use it, and mention who gave it to him when people inquire about the nice item.

Pens are actually not out of the question as a luxury branded corporate gifts. Plastic pens are not the answer here. A set of very nice pens with a match case that has your company name on it will go a long way. It is also possible to have an elegant and upscale laser engraving on the pen that mentions the company name. The point is to make it upscale and something the client is willing to display in his or her office. The gift is not about getting your company's name out there, it is about showing the client that you appreciate his or her business.

Taking the time to consider what executive corporate gifts are being handed out is important. It may seem smart to order in bulk and hand them out to everyone, but this is just a waste of money. If you are truly building a relationship with these people, then you can target the things a client is interested in. Make the gift feel unique. Make the gift feel special. Clients like it when they get to feel special and high end corporate gifts are a great way to do just that.

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