A Cornish group of volunteer motorbike couriers has been helping local hospitals and medical facilities receive and ship out blood supplies by performing delivery work between all of the area’s health-related infrastructures.

Calling themselves the Cornwall Freewheelers, this charity takes it upon itself to perform out-of-hours delivery work of blood and other medical supplies to all of the county’s NHS-funded hospitals and clinics. On occasion, they also extend their services to institutions outside of Cornwall, although only by special appointment.

To perform their good deeds, the group relies on some strong support and grants from institutions all over Cornwall. Backers for this project include a local car dealership and a local provider of holiday cottages, as well as the National Lottery, to which Cornwall Freewheelers are one of the registered charities. Recent donations from these backers have included a £250 grant to help with the group’s running costs, as well as the gift of a brand new bike to add to the volunteers’ fleet.

Aside from performing much-needed delivery work between hospitals and clinics in the Cornwall region, these volunteer motorcyclists also pride themselves on their strong involvement with the local community. They regularly attend or organise social events around the county, including but not limited to the Falmouth Carnival, a motorcycle rally in the Tamar Bridge, a steam rally and the Truro Lions Club Summer Fair. The community has repaid through grants such as the ones mentioned above, as well as through smaller but still significant acts such as the singlet worn by a local charity runner, who later donated the profits of her fundraising to the charity.

Aside from performing and enabling blood delivery work, Cornwall Freewheelers also promote rider awareness through their website, encouraging riders to look out for roadworks or other irregularities on Cornwall’s roads and providing basic safety tips for riding on public streets and motorways.

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