Justin Nye Summers, director of ‘The Baseball Bond: Our Real-Life Field of Dreams’ - a documentary that follows a team of fathers and their sons as they compete in the ‘Father & Son World Series — randomly met a Man dressed like Shoeless -Joe Jackson while practicing alone on a moonlit Baseball field.

After meeting the man on the Houston, TX Baseball field,  Justin saw it as a sign from God to complete the film and has since raised nearly $8,000 towards editing costs and finally got a chance to thank the mystery man during a second meeting after months of searching for him.

At the time, Justin had all but given up hope on finishing his Documentary, due to post-production costs. Justin said, “he kind of appeared out of no where and startled me! At first I thought he was going to kick me off of the field,  but then we actually played a little ball together afterwards.”

Justin never got his full name that night and then finally working with an investigative journalist, they discovered his identity. Justin then set out to thank him, but he was unaware if the mystery man, named Ralph Rager, would even be receptive.

This time, Justin surprised Ralph at his restaurant, called Absinthe Basserie in Houston.  Justin mentioned “the meeting went great! He actually offered me a job training me to work as a Bartender and he also wanted to introduce me to investors who could support the film.”

He made a video about the follow-up meeting and explained to Ralph what happened after meeting on the field that night.

Ralph was unsure of what the connection with the White Sox Jersey actually meant, until Justin explained the true story of his documentary...the adoption mystery.

Justin told him that his father, Miles Nye, was adopted after birth in Houston, TX, and had always wanted to find his biological father once he learned he was adopted, but a 20 year search for “George Summers” came up empty.

That's when Justin saw Field of Dreams and documented the search for his film.  “This whole documentary is really about following signs from above. I was at a true low-point and days away from giving up on finishing the film before he walked onto that baseball field and joined me.

Now, 'Field of Dreams' might not of been a christian movie and Ralph Rager might not be religious, but he is like an angel to me,” Justin noted, who has a degree in Writing from the University of Houston-Downtown and still lives in Houston Texas.
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