Guiscard Mathurin unleashes news interaction website targeting social media users

ORLANDO, January 26, 2015 — Popular news coverage is yet to be uncovered as there’s still a massive amount of untouched readers online. With the advent of Social Media, many companies found themselves targeting such users and we’ve all seen their successes within the past few years. Facebook among others is primarily best when it comes to finding such mass for instant interaction, or to simply target with products and services.

About The Website and Its Owner
Guiscard Mathurin, a web developer from Central FL launched — An Online Magazine pointing out latest and trending images, news coverage circulating around the Web. The website attracts readers by publishing shocking and unusual news online. Its unique verse and nature is to cater mainly toward those whom are compelled to the bizarre nature in publication.

The website also features user registration and allows submission of personal stories whether images, videos, or even audio files. Submitted news by end users must meet certain standards, but otherwise approved and made public online on the very same day. A major important feature is that users can comment using their FB logins, without having to register on the site.

FB users have the opportunity to discuss and comment on each posting. Online readers, just like consumers in any market, always want their ability to vent, comment, and discuss freely about how they feel - this is their opportunity to do just that!

Standing Tall Among the Crowd
There is certainly a vast competition of similar websites; however you will find more unique options and flexibility with the interactions that are available with CrazyScoop. Online users need easier way of sharing thoughts and reading online — without too many annoying advertisements or much restriction. This is the generation we live in — The World of Media via social network!

Contact Information

You can reach the staff by writing to: [email protected]

Mailing Inquiries can be sent to:
Brokers Unlimited, Inc.
PO BOX 608173,
Orlando FL 32860.