Dog region is a brand new website that aims to provide everything dogs related. Pet owners can find information on health, food, wellbeing, training and more about dogs.

NEW YORK, June 25, 2016 — the number one complain from dog owners around the world is that there aren’t enough genuine resources about dog training and nutrition planning on the internet. One look at Google and it is easy to tell that there really aren’t enough resources that help dog owners learn more about their best friends. This has caused a lot of problem for pet owners because every time their dog is feeling a little sick, they have to take it to a vet and have to pay of huge bills. What if there was a platform where all your questions were answered so that you do not have to spend large sums of money sorting issues out? Now you can. is a brand new online platform where you can find excellent information on dogs. The portal was designed to help dog owners around the world learn more about the needs and wants of dogs. They can find information on nutrition, best foods to feed and training articles to help their dog learn new tricks to impress friends and family. Moreover, they can now also train their dogs to be more socially friendly to others.

‘’Dogregion is all about the bond humans share with their pet dogs. We are a bunch of folks who have kept dogs and trained them all our life. We have done this both professionally and in home to help our little friends live a better life. Consequently, it has made us feel a lot better to see our pets happy and healthy,’’ said Chris Metzen, dog owner and co-founder of

‘’We are determined to provide you real life experiences to help you maintain health of your pet dog. No matter what species of dog you own, no matter what their age is and no matter where you live, we have covered everything from A-Z to help you strengthen the bond between you and your pet,’’ added Metzen.

Dogregion provides a lot of information on different aspects of owning a dog pet. Some of them are as follows:

Training — the training articles on the website will help you train your dog to be more socially accepted. Train your dog to greet guests and strangers on the road instead of barking. The training articles also deal with potty training and teaching your dog to eat on time.

Nutrition — having to know what is best for your dog is crucial for its health. The articles deal with plenty of information on how to keep a track of nutrition for your dogs so they don’t end up being sick every month.

Health problems — your dogs can have diseases just like you. Instead of going back and forth to a vet, we will provide you enough information to help your dog recover from any health issues.

Food — Can’t decide what’s the best food for your dog? Our food related articles will cover everything from what your dog should eat and what it should not.

Dog owners can find much more information on the website. By signing up for their newsletters, they will be informed with the latest health trends and other things they should know about dogs.

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