Donald Trump was always a particular figure in the American background. First due to his incredible ability to do business, ending up among the richest persons in the world. How does he plan to capture attention lately? You may have noticed that two aspects hover over Trump, and that is the scandal he started with the Mexican Immigrants, although he will not admit it, and his active run for the presidency. Even though there are many Mexicans working in America, Trump had the courage to state that Mexico is sending thieves, drugs and rapists into the USA. Those statements infuriated the Mexican population and a few celebrities with Latino roots. Now, all the attention Trump receives is based on his desire to become the President of the United States.

Now that Trump’s presidential run is official, we will just have to wait and see what is going to happen. But how more exactly is trying Trump to win over the majority of the voters? Well, he started attacking the current president and politicians, called them unfit to rule the country. He believes that America loses a great deal of money because of current politicians inability to know how manage things. He stated that Ford, one of the largest car manufacturer in the world chose to open a plant, and a huge one, in Mexico. That will deprive America of about 2.5 billion dollars. He believes that the debts, lack of proper military equipment, inadequate social care programs, and many more, are due to an unprofessional ruling of the country.

Trump also does not approve what the Obama presidency did, as it called the Obama Health Care program a big lie. Now, what is he planning to do with the federal student loan programs in the US for our student’s education? Since he claims that he will make America rich again, if he will become president, it would be great if the loans turn into a support or sponsorship for the students. After all, if everyone leading the country is an incompetent, then he might just wish to invest in the future of America, by developing excellent programs for students. He did not state out what he is going to with this the loan program for students implemented by Obama, but he did mention that the USA presently has a very poor educational system. This can be seen in the statistics that place 25 other countries above USA, which have a much better education system, some of them even being developing countries.

About students, apparently he is more concerned about them getting jobs after graduation, to pay for their student loans. Still, without a proper education system, it is hard to get a job, right? So, if he becomes president, he will still have to do something about the educational system in America. A reliable and accessible education is the key to raising the standards of living, through better-prepared adults. Now, we know that Trump and his followers did not agree and support any plan put in place by Obama. Thus, here comes the big question. What do you think will happen to the student loan programs if Trump becomes president especially when he does not present a direct answer to this great concern? Will private and federal loans stay and increase interested rates? Will he remove Obama’s programs that help students in need of help with their student loans? Will Trump be capable of bringing some benefits to the students, or just focus on the economy and the development of new job opportunities?

Written by Trusted Debt Solutions(, our job is to make sure that our current and students that have graduated with pending loans are properly prepared if the president elected will take away its current student loan forgiveness programs that allow to consolidate loans into a lower payments. Student loans are amongst the most cumbersome debts that will stay with you or eventually passed to your family during bankruptcy and if the student passes away. Please keep an eye open to the view points of all of the presidents during this current election period of 2015.  For more information about Trusted Debt Solutions please visit: or call: (888) 592-4901