Hangzhou, China — Today, people are leading a busy daily life and this is the reason why the processed food has become a part of the human lifestyle. With the emerging food processing industry, the need for improved quality food packaging materials also comes to the fore. Now, in order to fuel the growth of the food processing industry, China based Dongxing Aluminium is now introducing aluminium foil strips, aluminium foil shielding tape and other food packaging foils. The idea is to produce food packaging materials that can preserve the food for a longer period of time.

The company spokesperson maintains that their aluminium foil strip is perfect for moisture prevention and which helps keeping the food in the perfect condition, maintaining its taste and the nutrition value. The foil helps in maintaining proper insulation, which keeps the food warm and after unwrapping the foil, one can enjoy the freshness of the food. They produce aluminum foils in different dimensions and with varied thickness that can be suitably used for domestic purposes to the food packaging needs of the industry. Different food items require different types of packaging and thus they have foils with varied thickness levels.

The company offers both single-sided and double-sided aluminium foil shielding tapes that can be used in various industries such as air-conditioning besides in the food packaging. These tapes are ideal for magnetic shielding and can be used for offering protection from electromagnetic and radio waves. It can be used to seal the ducts to keep the room temperature lower which can again aid in the preservation of food materials.

In the modern times, the food processing industry is one of the fastest growing sectors with new products hitting the marketplace on a daily basis. For different products, different types of food packaging materials will be required. Dongxing Aluminium assures of supplying the best quality food packaging foil, keeping in mind the custom needs of the food product manufacturers. One can learn more about their different types of foils and tapes by visiting the website

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Dongxing Aluminium is a China based ISO 9001:2000 certified enterprise, involved in the research, development and production of high quality aluminium foils, aluminium foil shielding tapes, and other types of food packaging foils. The company was established in 1992, and today they have an excellent market network in the USA, UK, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and Southeast Asia.

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