Donzilla Don Tjernagel Moves Charity Event to Las Vegas after Denied Booking in Oelwein, Iowa Comedian Donzilla Don Tjernagel holds an annual charity event and planned this year to place it in his home town of Oelwein, Iowa. After being denied a booking at the Williams Performance Centre for the Arts, he is now set to host the event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

13th August, 2015 — Author and comedian Donzilla Don Tjernagel had been left in despair after he was denied booking for his annual charity event at the Williams performance Centre for the Arts in Oelwein, Iowa. The comedian hosts a charity event every year where he donates to a local charity. Having donated previously to the Red Cross and the Wounded Warriors, this year he was set to donate proceeds from the ticket sales of the show and his product sales residual income from that month over to a local charity. Considering that even half of the theatre seats had been sold, a local charity could have received up to $7,000 in donations.

The comedian states that he has always loved his hometown of Oelwein, Iowa and he has always held a charity event every year. However, Tjernagel is now all set to host the event in Las Vegas, Nevada where he will be donating the proceeds from the show and his product sales residual income from that month to his alma mater, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

"I was really looking forward to this, and I am disappointed by their decision. I know the comedy act is naughty, but it is just an act. It is meant to be fun for adults who enjoy this sort of thing. No one is ever forced
to come and see it, and we always provide an ample amount of disclosure and warning about the content. I have learned over the years that free speech is sometimes messy. I am ironically too dirty to be in the place I was
created” stated Tjernagel himself in an official statement.

New York Entertainment lawyer and producer Wayne Goldman also took Tjernagel’s side, "I have known Tjernagel for many years and he is extremely well respected and revered as a comedian and has been very successful with his video and audio productions. I consider it an insult that the gentleman I have come to know is not allowed to donate funds anywhere out of any theatre in this country," he added.

The Williams Performance Centre for the arts has applied for and receives grant money from the state of Iowa, and also operates under tax except status.

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