United Kingdom; 8/01/2014: Kitchens on the current date have been improvised a lot. While they still remain the place where food is cooked, in the modern times they have been transformed from being merely a cooking area to a lively and luxurious area of a house. Apart from fitting it with all the equipments to make it convenient, modern kitchens are beautifully designed and decorated. Every single feature combines with the other features of the room to create an aesthetic design that pleases the onlooker. The modern home décor styles give special emphasis on kitchen doors and cabinets and drawers along with the other features of the room. The kitchen doors are being designed in a way so as to be both convenient to use and attractive in its look. Doorbox offers a complete range of kitchen doors for modern, traditional, and classic kitchens. The store also offers other accessories for kitchen that include cabinets with doors and drawer fronts. 

The kitchen door plays a major role in creating an aesthetic outlook for the kitchen. The store offers an array of doors for modern and traditional kitchens. The collection includes every traditional and contemporary design such as handle less, high gloss, and acrylic doors. The kitchen doors are available in a complete range of designs and sizes for kitchens with different dimensions. When it comes to the overall design and décor of the kitchen, the kitchen doors play a significant role. The modern fitted kitchen doors offer a contemporary and modern look to the kitchen. The doors offered at the store are made of different kinds of materials that include among others, wood and fibre. 

The collection offered at the store includes high gloss kitchen doors that do not seem to disappoint. The high gloss doors are made of durable material and are meant to offer the kitchen a lively and vibrant look. These doors play off the single toned paint in the kitchen. The doors are available in a huge range of colours and with different finishing touches. The high gloss doors range between aluminium trimmed designs to contemporary handle-less doors. All the doors available at the store are undrilled. The store also offers replacement kitchen doors. 

Doorbox also offers other accessories for kitchens which include cabinets, kitchens leeds and drawer fronts. The cabinets offered at the store have doors that are fitted with hinge in order to facilitate an ease of installation. The cabinets are available in varying traditional and contemporary designs and include such categories as glass wall units, standard wall units, and open wall units. Readymade and polished drawers are also available at the store. These are available in different sizes. 

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Doorbox is a store that offers a complete collection of kitchen doors and other kitchen accessories such as kitchen cabinets and drawers. The doors and cabinets are available in different designs that include traditional and contemporary. For details, visit the website.