West Yorkshire, UK, August 01, 2014: The fresh, modern collection of kitchen doors is now available with DoorBox for modern customers to achieve highly functional and attractive kitchen styles. The company has brought fully fitted kitchens for people to give their homes a contemporary and cool look. The fitted kitchen designs help create clean, clutter-free and sophisticated kitchens that are practical and functional to suit the needs and lifestyle of the modern populations. 

According to the spokesperson of the company, the new kitchen designs focus on saving space and maximizing the storage. “There are several types of new replacement kitchen doors to choose from. The doors feature glossy finishes, wooden effects as well as metallic finishes. Customers will find suitable doors to suit their home décor in a more precise manner,” he states. 

The doors feature bold colors to accent the backdrop style and blend perfectly with the kitchen design. The new door collection essentially brings an affordable solution for homeowners to get a modern kitchen without a designer price tag. Moreover, one can have the liberty of accessorizing their kitchen with a variety of color and design choices, available at an affordable budget range. One can choose the furnishing for a personal touch that could be close to one’s heart. 

DoorBox brings stunning and high gloss kitchen designs within the affordable limits of the majority of the homeowners that want to lead an up-class lifestyle. They have the best space saving solutions that can optimize the kitchen space and will enhance its aesthetic appeal at the same time. In modern times, when most kitchens have a limited space, their functional designs can improve the usability of kitchens in a more practical manner. 

They also have wall-mounted storage systems and other accessories that can simply prove more useful for the modern homeowners. All products that they have in their portfolio are durable and need no or limited care and maintenance. These products have been designed for the modern populations that lead a busy lifestyle and have a little time for cleaning and maintenance on a daily basis. 

They have kitchens Leeds for customers in Leeds, and also for homeowners in Yorkshire and across the UK and Ireland. One can check all types of kitchen designs, products and accessories available with them on their website http://www.doorbox.co.uk. 

About DoorBox: 

DoorBox is a family-run business offering a wide range of kitchen doors, from traditionally-styled classics to the very latest contemporary high gloss, acrylic and handle-less doors. The company offers new kitchen cabinets with doors and drawer fronts already drilled hinged and fitted for easy and less time consuming installation. The exciting range of kitchen doors is available in a comprehensive range of standard sizes and is expertly manufactured in a fantastic range of styles, colors and finishes. 

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