(Free Press Release) Columbus, OH June 28, 2011 - Dorcy International (www.dorcy.com), a leading provider of portable lighting products for over 50 years is pleased to announce the launch of their new Alumina Series lights. Dorcy's new Alumina series lights offer a sleek modern design and are constructed with durable aluminum alloy. Both of the new lights in the Alumina series offered by Dorcy have their patented Truespot® reflector system allowing for maximum light output with a precise beam.

The first in the series is the 41-4263 110 Lumen 3AAA Alumina LED flashlight. The light projects 130 meters of light and has a 3 hour run time. Weighing in at only at 5.5 ounces with batteries and is 4.85 inches long. The 41-4263 also incorporates 4 red LED's in the tail cap offering safety from behind. This option is great for walkers, backpackers and anyone who needs to be seen from both front and back. Both light functions can be used in parallel or individually.

The 41-4261 40 Lumen Alumina LED flashlight is powered by only 1AA. This light projects a 40 meter beam distance and has a 4 hour run time and weights only 2 ounces with battery. This small light with dimensions of 3.5 inches really packs the power. The push button tail cap switch and convenient lanyard make this light perfect for anyone.

Both lights in the Alumina series have polycarbonate lens which are light weight and 10 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses.

“When bringing these great Alumina series lights to market, we had to consider how Dorcy as a company can reduce the impact on the environment” says President Tom Beckett. Both Alumina series lights are packaged using a trap blister to eliminate post consumer waste. Utilizing 100% recyclable paper for the card and PET plastic materials for the blister, the packaging footprint to the environment was reduced by over 50%. Using degradable materials such as PET and post consumer paper products is one way Dorcy is helping the environment.

About Dorcy
Dorcy a global designer and manufacturer of lighting products and systems, who markets over 850 items to residential, commercial, industrial, and government customers around the world. Headquartered in Columbus OH, Dorcy also has offices in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Dorcy was the first manufacturer to bring LED technology to the mass market by offering the Cool Blue flashlight in 2001. As a company Dorcy is known for their innovative nature, and continually strives to bring new technology to their entire product line, which has grown to include flashlights, batteries, camping lanterns, area lights and safety lights. Continuing to develop brighter and more efficient lighting products, Dorcy is focused on bringing to market the best product for the best price. For more information about Dorcy Direct please visit www.dorcydirect.com