(Free Press Release) Columbus OH, June 15, 2011—Hurricane season is here. Just a few years ago those in the hurricane belt relied on old-fashioned incandescent flashlights or large, battery- powered lanterns with a lot of spare batteries to provide lighting during long-term power failures.

But Dorcy has changed all that with a large selection of long-lasting LED flashlights, LED lanterns, LED rechargeable spotlights, LED submersible LED, and other battery power LED lights.

There are even a self-powered dynamo flashlights and lanterns that substitute‘s battery powers with a winding crank that when spun for a minute it powers the flashlight for up to 20 minutes. Dorcy‘s 41-4274 dynamo light even has a 12v adapter to charge your cell phone by cranking the light.

“With power going out for days or even weeks, it‘s not enough to have one or two incandescent flashlights in the house,” says Mark Craddock, CTO of Dorcy International.

Craddock recommends a good basic LED flashlight for use around the house along with a LED lantern for power outages or backyard night use. Dorcy‘s 41-3108 LED Lantern will provide up to 350 hours of run time on 4 D batteries. The LED motion sensor lights are ideal for outdoor areas or rooms where you don‘t have electric or might forget to turn the lights off. With the automatic shut off of the lights it will save battery power. Dorcy also has a wide range of LED headlamps that work well for doing tasks were direct lighting is needs as well as two hands.

About Dorcy International
Headquartered in Columbus Ohio, Dorcy International has been marketing portable lighting and batteries for more than 55 years. Marketing through retailers such as Sears, Cablas, Dicks, Ace Hardware and may others, Dorcy has the widest range of LED portable lighting products, including LED flashlights, LED spotlights, submersible LED lights, indoor/outoor motion sensor lights, and now Diehard branded batteries. For more information visit: www.dorcydirect.com.