Dorset, UK - Gumz, based out of Dorset, is a well-known manufacturer of mouthguards that help take care of teeth while people indulge in sports and other activities that might damage them. Any blow to your upper and lower jaws may result in serious traumatic situations such as a concussion and damage the gum and jaw.

Mouthguards have been used for long to protect the teeth from getting chipped or broken, injuries of the lip and cheek and even fractured crowns and bridge works. Apart from offering the essential protection, mouthguards have also found their use aesthetically.

School going children spend a lot of time outdoors and have a high chance of damaging their teeth on the playground. Safety while playing outdoors is paramount and Gumz makes the same a priority while manufacturing their products. Their protective gear is used by schools, teams, and clubs, and loved by them as it offers superior quality protection at affordable prices to reduce injuries caused while playing sports.

The company makes it convenient for customers by offering many options to choose from. For members of clubs or sports organizations, the name of the club or team or player number can be printed on the gum shield, and bulk orders are eligible for a 15% discount. Every member of the team also receives an impression kit. Many customers use the case to keep their mouthguards or print their name on it so that they are not misplaced.

The custom made mouthguards protects the jaw and teeth from injuries, and the Gumshields provide a comfortable fit as the impression of the mouth is taken first. The shields will absorb the shock and distribute the force, thereby reducing the impact. Mouthguards do not obstruct the breathing and remain fixed on the teeth, no matter how fast movements are. Products from Gumz have also been recommended by the British Dental Health Foundation.

The mouthguards come in a number of colors, and it is also possible to customize them according to the customer’s preferences. The colors range from basic black and white to even blood red, and even uncommon shades such as teal and turquoise are available from the company.

On receiving an order, the kit is dispatched by the company on the next working day, and within 7-10 days of receiving the kit back from the customer, they dispatch the gumshield. There is an express service for faster delivery, though that has an extra charge of up to 20 GBP. There is a flat rate of 10 GBP on international orders.

About the company:

Gumz is a specialist in manufacturing mouthguards based out of Dorset offering custom made gumshields. For further queries and to know more about our offers, please contact: [email protected] or on 01202 486113

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Company: Gumz
Phone: 01202 486113
Email: [email protected]