USA — PDF files tend to be large in size, thereby making them inconvenient for use at times. With the PDF file Compressor from, one can now compress the size of all PDF files on their computers, thereby reducing the file size considerably. This PDF Compressor is also useful if the PDF files need to be sent as attachments or viewed on a mobile device.

This PDF file Compressor is user friendly, and details on the website specify that it is flexible too, as it allows for compression of multiple files simultaneously. Another interesting feature that the software description provides is that this PDF Compressor also allows for decompression. For some reason, if users decide to reverse the action, the files can be bought back to the original size.

The image quality of the compressed PDF file is kept consistent. The website provides information about the various operating systems that this application is compatible with, and the compatible operating systems range from Windows 98 to Windows 2008, Mac, IOS and Android platforms. Along with being compatible, it occupies an almost negligible disk space of 11.47 MB which is very limited when compared with other software applications. Apart from these, the PDF file Compressor boasts of a flexible and easy to use interface, which adds to the benefits of the software.

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About PDF file Compressor

The PDF file Compressor is a software application that allows users to compress multiple pdf files and is available at is a leading service provider for various software applications downloads that are safe and secure.

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