USA - A GED test certifies the Canadian or American High School Level Academic Skills of a student. Practice Tests Free has developed a new application called GED Practice Test, which prepares individuals for achieving success in the final GED test. The application Free GED Practice Test consists of five subjects similar to the actual GED test. This unique and useful software tool can be downloaded easily from the website

Downloaders can practice all subjects at a time or can select any one of the preferred subjects for doing the exercises. Questions can be answered by clicking on the option Mark as Answer. Practice Tests Free has designed this application with an innovative interface to assist all types of users. The Free GED Practice Test enables individuals to identify their capabilities and skills before attending the final GED test.

The website says, “The app is very simple and it just takes GED exam as a practice. No settings are required. The user interface is very easy to use. You can try all subjects and test yourself to see if you are ready for a real GED test.”

Free GED Practice Test is available for downloading with specifications like 1.0 version and file size 1.58 MB. A CNET hosted downloading option is provided by The file has also been scanned and the website ensures that it is spyware and virus free.

Full specifications and details along with customer reviews are also provided to assist new downloaders across the country. All test preparatory applications developed by Practice Tests Free are intended to help people in achieving success while attending various tests conducted by different universities and companies.

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