Media Freeware has brought out the Free Multi Skype launcher and they say that this software can help users who have more than one Skype account and want to log into all the accounts simultaneously. They point out that this software is ideally useful for those who have separate Skype accounts for their work, for their personal use and so on and who want to log into their accounts at the same time. Users can manage these multiple accounts on a single device also like a laptop, mobile or a computer, says Media Freeware.

Media Freeware says that users can easily download this free software on their devices. The software will get downloaded within a few minutes and it can be used immediately, they add.  Once the software is downloaded, users should make use of the "Add account" button on the right side of the screen for adding their Skype accounts.

Users can use the 'Edit account' also for making changes in their existing Skype accounts, says Media Freeware. By using the "Delete Account" option, they can delete the accounts they do not need. Media Freeware adds that the Multi Skype Launcher software they offer helps and supports the 'Auto Login' option with which the users' accounts will automatically open as soon as their devices start. For using this auto login option, users must deselect the 'Start Skype when I start Windows' option.

According to Media Freeware, the main benefit of this free Multi Skype Launcher software is that those who have to keep in touch with a number of people at the same time will find it very much useful.  Another advantage is that the speed or the performance of their devices will not come down even after the users download this free Multi Skype Launcher.

About Free Multi Skype Launcher

Free Multi Skype Launcher is a software that can help people keep in touch with a number of people simultaneously through their Skype accounts. This software can be downloaded on any device like a laptop, computer or a mobile lphone.

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