Dr. Adam H. Hamawy, founder of Princeton Plastic Surgeons, introduces a new holistic Beauty System and Method that will be extremely beneficial for long lasting aesthetic results for cosmetic surgery clients.

Dr. Hamawy states “what makes this unique and proprietary system so wonderful is that with the new Holistic approach, clients that were frustrated and unsatisfied with the temporary results experienced in the past are now having sustainable and permanent beauty results.”  

This new approach incorporates cutting edge nutrition, foods, supplements, physical exercise and skin care strategies that all work in synergistic fashion together. Combined with ongoing coaching and weekly support, we can now ensure lasting life-long aesthetic results.

These beauty strategies and the combination of ongoing support has never been utilized in this manner before. The System’s motivational and mindset support is also another unique feature to Dr. Hamawy’s new system and approach that helps clients achieve lasting benefits.

Dr. Adam Hamawy is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, specializing in both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Trained at UT Southwestern Medical and Weill Cornell School—two of the most well respected institutions for plastic surgery, Dr. Hamawy subsequently became a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. A tour of duty in Iraq and several years in Tacoma, Washington at the Madigan Army Medical Center afforded him the opportunity to treat a wide variety of patients. “Few surgeons are fortunate enough to have been exposed to this depth, breadth and sheer complexity of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. I attribute my highly developed surgical skills to my Army experience.” Going beyond what is expected is at the heart of Dr. Hamawy’s approach. He strongly believes every patient must be considered as a person first and foremost. Only then can technical expertise be used to its greatest advantage — translating subtle nuances into a more positive self-image through cosmetic enhancement.

For more information on Dr. Hamawy and his new breakthrough System, check out http://www.drhamawy.com/princeton-plastic-surgery/ or call (609) 301-0760.