Dr. Cool and Pride: The Big Show (produced by Bizar Productions, LLC) will be premiering September 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM on WTTW11 in Chicago.

August 14, 2015 - Chicago, IL -- Dr. Cool and Pride: The Big Show is a 5- part educational and musical Hip Hop 30-minute television show for 5-9 year olds featuring award-winning songwriter and performer Dr. Cool, along with his multi-cultural Party Crew -- performing original songs and interacting with the audience of children from the stage. Dr. Cool and Pride, along with DJ Sunshine and dancers Hip and Hop, rap and dance, welcome guests, run challenges, and learn languages with the help of their computer friends, Party Paige and Laughing Louie.

Along the way, everyone is up and moving, feeling good, and learning valuable life lessons about topics such as exercising, decision making, eating well, dreaming big, and the power of music.
“The Big Show is a movement and attitude revolution, created to empower kids to live their best lives,” stated Bizar, the show’s creator.
The series is designed to build self-esteem and resiliency, celebrate kids’ strength and uniqueness, discourage bullying, and help prepare them to cope with life’s challenges.
Creator and Executive Producer Jeff Bizar, (Dr. Cool) is one of Chicago’s most dynamic DJs and in demand Emcees.  He has been in the Chicagoland entertainment business since the age of sixteen.
After graduating from the University of Illinois Business School, Jeff launched Bizar Entertainment, LLC His goal was to provide a fun, high—energy, interactive entertainment party, customized for each child or school event.

Jeff (Dr. Cool) is a warm and charismatic personality with the ability to charm audiences of all ages.

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For more information visit: http://drcoolandpride.com