Encinitas, CA — Increasingly Americans are looking towards alternative medicines to treat pain and illness. The rising cost of traditional healthcare has made alternative options more attractive. Dr. Kim Kelly now offers a complete alternative medical solution as one of the leading naturopaths Encinitas has to offer.

Unlike other naturopathic doctors Encinitas residents visit, Dr. Kelly offers a full body and mind treatment program. Each patient receives Dr. Kelly’s undivided attention and he spends at least an hour with each new patient developing a comprehensive medical history. For the body, Dr. Kelly works with the patient to develop a better diet, as well as offering biopuncture and homeopathic solutions. These physical treatments help to solve the immediate physical cause of an ailment and help to alleviate pain. As one of the naturopathic doctors Encinitas patients trust, Dr. Kelly’s method’s have been proven useful for hundreds of patients.

Naturopaths Encinitas patients have used before focused primarily on the physical, but Dr. Kelly does not stop treatment there. Dr. Kelly also provides lifestyle counseling and stress management tools to help make the mind stronger. As one of the country’s leading naturopaths Encinitas based Dr. Kelly is respected for addressing the way that the patient’s way of life can impact their physical well-being. Dr. Kelly’s methods of addressing these underlying causes of pain and illness can help the patient prevent future incidences. This commitment to the long-term health and well-being of the patient is what has made Dr. Kelly one of the leading naturopathic doctors Encinitas residents turn to when they have an illness or injury.

As a leading naturopath Encinitas residents have trusted for years, Dr. Kelly has the right approach to solve many common patient issues. His whole body and mind treatment means that Dr. Kelly wants to improve the overall quality of the patient’s life.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit www.naturedockelly.com or call (760) 533-2883 to set up an appointment.