Boca Raton, Florida; 25, December 2014: Already well-known in the field, Dr. Mitchell Matez is a board certified surgeon who retired in 2001 and relocated to South Florida. He has been providing cutting edge therapy in the South Florida region since 2003 and has recently opened his new anti-aging center here in Boca Raton which is currently accepting new clients. 

Part of the aging process means the body’s production of natural hormones declines. For some, this decline can cause additional health problems, making replacement therapies necessary. Dr Matez is one of South Florida’s most experienced provider of Hormone Replacement Therapy and pioneered Pellet therapy here in the region. 

Common hormone replacements include estrogen and testosterone. The latter is necessary in both males and females. 

“Women have trace amounts of testosterone in their systems. It is necessary to keep these levels normal for overall health,” said Dr. Matez. 

The new Boca Raton location is state-of-the-art and offers the latest in replacement therapies in a comfortable setting. Dr. Matez has a full consultation room, examination rooms and therapy spaces for his patients. 

In addition to Hormone Replacement Therapies BRC4AM offers IV (Intravenous) therapies, Nutritional Supplements, and other age management modalities. 

Dr. Mitchell Matez is a believer in bio- identical hormone replacement therapies and uses them himself as part of his life and daily activities. 

The new Boca Raton clinic is accepting new patients. New patients will receive a thorough consultation and review before recommendations for replacement therapies are made. Interested individuals should contact the office for an appointment. 

Phone calls or on line appointment scheduling is available. Visit for details. 

For Media Contact:
Dr. Mitchell Matez (Owner/founder)
Boca Raton Center for Age Management
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