California, USA; 01/30/2014 The rising temptation of the most loved ceremonial festival is getting a special gift from the world famous writer, Ed Pilolla. Although, there are various new stuffs in the market, ready to be the new sensation of the years’ First Month Sale, new Enticing Book of Poetry by Ed Pilolla has made a record breaking entry in the International Market. The new book, Dragonfly, has been presented a while ago, but it has been observed getting the huge response this very year. The Figures from the Market Survey Reports and the Statistics from the Google Analytical Report suggest that the book has already making a major hit this year, mainly from the market of North America and the France.


In an interview with Ed Pilolla, held on last Saturday evening, Pilolla described that the book has been written in the highly romantic touch to give the real essence of the feeling for a struggle lover. Actually, the book portrays the collection of 40 Love Poems describing the dilemma of the protagonist. Ed Pilolla added that the characters of the book falls in the love and gets married after 20 years of mental struggle with his circumstances and other evils of life, finally getting married after living a life of a single. “The book is close to my heart as it portrays the pure feeling of love and emotions”, Official Author of Dragonfly, Ed Pilolla, says, “The book is dedicated to all my fans and loved ones”.

The Record of Award-Wining Ed Pilolla describe him as the experienced author at such a small age. Describing his life, Pilolla stated that he started his career in last years of 1990s as the Reporter, followed by a post of Staff Reporter, Staff Writer and finally leaving the job and working as the freelancer. Ed Pilolla is known for some of the major coverage of the media reports. Recently, he started writing as the freelancer and published many books. His other famous works include The Summer, The Night and You Are Color.

The Statistical Figure reports that the Dragonfly has already fetched the massive response from than 1200 fans. The sales figure goes as high as 12.93 millions. According to the Estimation of the Top Marketing Experts, the Dragonfly is about to get the huge response during the Q1’14. As per the Record, the Dragonfly is the most vivid and first Poem Collection by Ed Pilolla, which is also a reason for its popularity. The Dragonfly is available online on various online shopping portals including the Amazon book store. Also, it has been made available in the form of eBook for Smartphone.

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Author Ed Pilolla is a former Award-Winning Daily Newspaper Reporter who now writes poetry. HIs first book of poetry, Dragonfly, in 2010, has been published Worldwide and getting huge response this year. After working as the reporter and editor for a long time, he works as there Freelancer and writers book.

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