With the autumn/winter 2013 collection all set to hit the stores, Dreaming Fashion could not be more excited because this year, customer responses have been astounding. With the unveiling of unique and quirky clutches, the sales have single handedly outnumber the sales at top designer stores. Women preferred to buy more top fashion clutches at a cheaper price than just a single piece at a luxurious store. Eight out of ten women voted that they would rather buy two clutches for the same price than one expensive clutch. The only criteria for these women was that the these clutches should be in season.

Leading fashion celebs sporting showstopper clutches for this season were Victoria Beckham, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, Kate Moss and of course Lady Gaga. The quirky edge to the entire clutch collection was inspired by Lady Gaga. Dreaming Fashion has always been one of the leading fashion wholesalers in the United Kingdom, influencing the younger generation in particular. However, this year’s astounding sales was an unpredicted event. The sales skyrocketed the same day they were unveiled to customer online. Two months later, the race for the latest and the trendiest clutch pieces are still on among fans across the country. The great thing about this fashion wholesaler is that they do not give differential pricing for single piece buyers and bulk buyers. All can purchase at the same ridiculously cheap rate as the bulk retailer too.

For the past couple of years the clutch bag managed to be an accessory without which eveningwear would not be complete. Celebrities across the globe continued to sport this ever fashionable accessory at the red carpet and other special events. This year, the clutch has taken a more casual look with a quirky twist. The site offers clutches in different designs, shapes, fabrics and colors. For more information visit http://dreamingfashion.co.uk/handbags-and-purses-clutch-and-evening-bags-uk-fashion-online-shop

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