As more and more properties are built in the UK, the need for building contractors has never been more important than now. Whether it is interior building work or exterior, the booming housing market has placed significant pressures on the availability of good service suppliers in this industry.

One such service in this trade that has seen increasing demand is driveways installation. It is difficult to find a contractor in this field around the Manchester area, and to meet the high demand for this service, Driveways Manchester has opened their doors to serve the Northwest region of England. Their website at shows the company has been formed to offer a wide range of driveway services for the Greater Manchester area. Some of the specific services include installation of new driveways and maintenance of existing drives of various surfaces including; resin, concrete and block paving, just to name a few.

The introduction of new services such as this should help alleviate at least some of the burden that builders face to meet tight deadlines for driveway installation. It could be said that the more professional companies offering similar services in the Manchester area the better. The current lack of supply of driveways contractors is not only hampering the efforts of developers to complete projects on time, but the short supply is also leading to price increases on such services.

Phil Jones, a representative of Driveways Manchester re-enforced this exact point when asked to comment further about the company’s offering. He stated that; “the real motivation to set up the company was to meet the high demand of Manchester builders.” He went onto state that, “we will be spreading our wings further to also offer similar services around the Cheshire and the Stockport areas.  We feel that since the recession, the construction industry has picked up at an astounding rate in recent years and many in the trade look to have been caught out by not gearing up to meet this demand”.

Judging from the reaction from some of the builders of the local areas using the service, it looks like Driveways Manchester will be plugging an important gap in the construction market. If they continue to expand and start serving the surrounding areas then this will surely be a welcome introduction of their service to the building trade.


Driveways Manchester specialises in the installation of new driveways and also has a range of services to resurface and maintain existing driveways. The company is located in Manchester UK and serves clients across the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area.

Contact Info:
Phil Jones
Stanley Road
Manchester, M16, UK
Email: [email protected]
T: 0161 8774142