The ability to drive is something which requires technical skill as well as coordination among your hands, legs and eyes. It is something which can easily be learnt but like any other skill it is wiser to learn from experts rather than any odd person. Driving school Wanstead caters to new learners to learn how to drive and to pass the driving test to acquire a new license. When you enrol for beginners’ course in driving school Woodford you are privy to a lot of benefits apart from driving lessons. Theoretical classes are offered online to learn rules and safety regulations at your own suitable time.


When you join driving school Wanstead you are satisfied that you will learn from knowledgeable instructors who are qualified with necessary certification to teach. Both male and female instructors are available. For new learners driving school Woodford offers special free-of-charge first class which you can avail to find out how comfortable you are with the vehicle or the instructor; before you decide to pay up. Further packages of 5 classes together are bunched at very cheap rates. The school will give an extra hour of training when classes are booked online in bulk.


The rates for driving lessons are reasonable for college goers, senior citizens and housewives. The timings are flexible to accommodate every category of persons and no added charges are levied for evening or weekend classes. Driving school Wanstead has the facility for picking up the learners from their homes, offices or colleges as the case may be. You can utilize your break time to quickly fit in your driving class and be assured that your instructor will be waiting with the vehicle at your college gate. Driving school Woodford has cars with dual control system to provide confidence to you as the instructor can quickly step in to avoid an emergency.


Apart from theory module you can take hazard perception test online. Driving school Wanstead has excellent videos which you can watch, see any hazard approaching and click at the correct time to indicate braking, stopping or swerving to avoid a collision. Knowledge about highway codes, stopping distances, basic traffic rules and winter driving tips are all provided by driving school Woodford for imparting a comprehensive driving lesson. The school has wonderful 1st time pass percentage. The students are prepared in such a manner that they pass driving test at the first attempt successfully. Fees for further attempts are paid for by the school. Arrangements for provisional license are made by the school to facilitate the students.


Whether you are a new learner or need a refresher course, driving school Wanstead will customize the driving lessons according to your needs. Intensive courses of 2 to 4 hour duration daily and other modules are offered for learners at various levels of learning. The vehicles provided for training are some of the leading models of AC cars in the market which will give comfort and convenience to you. Driving school Woodford has discounts for the coming Christmas season and gift coupons are given to the students which are quite lucrative. So, leave all your doubts and worries aside and learn driving from the best.


Enrol at driving school Wanstead and enjoy added benefits. Any driving school Woodford  has the best trainers who take special care of the learners.