Droger-kopen.nl, a leading review website for dryers have recently published complete details about the best dryer that topped the list of the best dryer products. According to the review published on the review website, the particular model that has landed in the top spot for best dryer is the Siemens WT47Y000NL dryer. The review added that this particular product is expected to be in the top spot for quite some time. One of the attributes of this particular model that land them in the top spot is its energy consumption. This quality also makes this product a great option for people who like to save their money in the long run. In addition, this dryer model is easy to use. Unlike the other models, the cleaning of the condenser and fine filter can be done without any difficulty.

When it comes to speed, this particular dryer model has been rated as an average. Users can thus take into consideration when using the dryer about whether they must take off around 60 to 100 minutes before their clothes are dry enough. When it comes to energy, it is rated with 25% and this score is considered to be good for many users. Over all, this particular model is considered as a great clothes dryer that also helps the users save money in the run.

According to the review provided at Droger-kopen.nl, this particular dryer uses heat pump and has the capability for drying up to 8kg cotton clothes and 3.5  kg synthetic clothes. This particular model also has a display which indicates how long it will take to complete the drying process and also allow the users to set the timer. This device is loaded with various sensors that indicates if the lint filter or steam mustache should be cleaned. The review also adds that this particular company offers 2 year warranty on every dryer product. To get more information kindly visit http://droger-kopen.nl/

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