Recent survey has reported that there are numerous cases of people being harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices. The unfortunate news is that many of these victims are not even aware of their legal rights over the culprits. In a bid to help the victims harmed, the web site called Drug Bot has been started to provide detailed information about these dangerous drugs and other medical devices.


The aim of the web site is to educate victims about their rights and the legal steps they need to take to right the wrong done to them. This online resource is an endeavor of the law firm Berstein Liebhard LLP. The firm is New York based and specializes in representing injured persons under complex individual as well as class action lawsuits nationwide. The firm has been named by The National Law Journal to the Plaintiffs’ Hot List, recognizing the top plaintiffs firms country. Berstein Liebhard LLP holds the record of being the only firm in the country to be named in this prestigious list every year.


The drug bot has been a much anticipated project, and is an exclusive service, open to the public. This centralized destination is already reported to have helped hundreds of people who were victims of dangerous drugs and medical devices. With the increase in competition among a large number of modern pharmaceutical industries, some have started adding dangerous drugs to provide more effective results, in a bid to lure in more number of customers. Although the drugs may offer effective results, the dangerous drugs cause long term side effects to the people who use it.


Although it has not been difficult to trace back the harm to the drug or medical device manufacturers, the challenge was getting the financial compensation from these powerful companies. The web site offers the right legal steps to take so that customers can get what they deserve.  For more information please go to



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Drugbot is the web site that offers detailed information on the legal actions to be taken for the negative effects on people caused by the use of dangerous drugs and medical devices. The services are open to the public for free.

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